Are there alternatives to Plex for media server?

Just got a MCH 6TB NAS. I had hoped to use this to house my 1.3TB music library, which has about 26k files, mostly FLAC. I listen to this library through a network streamer using Roon or through JRiver on a desktop. If I point them at Plex\Shared Music, they are not able to reliably pick up the metadata for the songs. In the Plex browser app, none of the album images show up (most are embedded in the files). I know from past experience that all the files are well tagged and 99% have images associated. The Plex site has not been helpful. Are there any other media servers that will work with MCH? I consider Plex to be useless.

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Hi mschlack,

you should have a look at the link given below.

Could I use VLC player for watching movie from my cloud home on my apple TV in off line mode(without internet and without plex)? or perhaps other player but without internet and plex?

Thanks, Alex for that info. But my question is not about a media player to run on my W10 computer, but on the NAS box itself. I use an Auralic Aries Mini streamer to pull audio files off of storage and send them to my stereo system through a digital to analog converter. I want the files to be on NAS so I can access them from any computer in the house, but also play them in my living room through my stereo. If I was going to involve a computer in that, I wouldn’t need a third-party media player at all, but I’d prefer not to. So back to the original question: is there an alternative to Plex that will provide DNLA service directly from MyCloudHome?

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There is no other suitable alternative apart from Plex for media server to use with My Cloud Home and also recommended by the Western Digital. You may try these steps to resolve Plex issues.

*Open a web broswer to *

Sign In your My Cloud Home account

Click Services

Click on Plex

Click Disable

Click Disable Service at the popup

Reboot the MCH

Configure Plex

I did try those steps. 24 hours later, Plex is still struggling to index the library. I can find everything in Folders view, but album, artist and other views just show “There was an unexpected error loading this library.” Before that, as it was indexing, and some albums were visible, it was not showing the cover art.

This media server is terrible. Very disappointing to know that there are no alternatives. Judging by other posters, my experience is not unusual. Haven’t had a piece of software this bad since the early '90s. Will definitely be posting social media warnings to people to avoid.

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I would recommend you to contact WD Customer Support to get the resolution for this issue.