Are the warranty dates US or European?

I just bought two new WD drives and went to do a warranty check.  Apparently they come with a two year warranty.

The drives were delivered on 12-Oct-2012, and when I do a warranty check it says they will expire on “10/07/2014”.  I thought this was wrong, as I selected Australia in the country list, which means the date should be dd/mm/yyyy (10-Jul-2014).  But then the warranty is three months too short.  But if it’s showing the date in the US mm/dd/yyyy (07-Oct-2012) it’s still a week off.

Either way I want to get it corrected, as I think the warranties are too short as is, so I don’t want to lose even a single day.  But before I follow this up, can anyone tell me for sure what the date is showing up as?  Or if anyone from WD is reading this, would it be possible to use a date format that’s not ambiguous like the US and European numeric formats are?

Hello, if you register the hard drive, you will get the option to enter the purchase date, once you do this the warranty should update to the correct date. Check the link below to create your account and register the hard drive.

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