Are the discs compatible between product versions

I have an 8tb EX2100 which does what I require and is used essentially as a backup for an older Netgear NAS which I now wish to retire and replace with a second WD NAS.

It is still possible to obtain the EX2100, but I think I am correct in saying that it has been superceded by the PR2100? That being the case, and thinking of the future, are the discs in my EX2100, compatible with the PR2100 e.g. if at some future date the EX2100 failed and was no longer available, and I was to buy a diskless PR2100, could I transfer the discs to the newer device without losing the data (RAID1) they contain?

Whichever NAS I buy to replace the Netgear, will be used in much the same way as I work now, with one device used as a backup, of irreplaceable date, for the other.

The problem with the Netgear is that the later versions have different operating systems to my old device and should the Netgear device fail (it has been running around 24/7 for about 5 years), the data it contains would be lost. I don’t want this to be an issue with the replacement if it can be avoided.

It is worth bearing in mind that I live in an area prone to lightning strikes and power outages and although I have a UPS and surge protection, I have suffered equipment damage through lightning strkes in the past. I want to minimise the risk of this possibility.

You might be able to use those drive. But the unit will reformat the drive to build a new configuration and you will loose the data on those drives.

Thanks for the confirmation. Unfortunately it was not what I wanted to hear, though what I suspected :frowning: