Are Symbolic Links or Shortcuts possible?

I would like to create a shortcut to a specific directory so I don’t always have to move down my entire directory hierarchy to get there.

Unfortunately symbolic links are not allowed since I get an “Operation not supported” message when attempting to do this.

How can I acheive the same effect of a symbolic link?

Wouldn’t mapping the directory do the trick? I guess I should ask what OS you are working in. In Windows 7, I just right-dragged a shortcut to my desktop from a sub-directory on the MBLD. Since you mention symbolic links perhaps Linux is involved. I am not in a position to test that at the moment.

I am using linux with Mac OSX.

I can create an Alias (Mac shortcut), however the issue then becomes that WD2go Android app does not know what to do with this type of file when selected.

I believe the alias will work as far as within the Mac file system, but I’m more interested in using a link in the Android app to cut down on time.

Do I need to make a shortcut that Android might understand?

I see your point, especially with a mobile device, where clicks add up fast. Unfortunately, I am ignorant on both the Mac and Android fronts, at least at the level you are dealing with. Sorry. )-: