Are files in the cloud safe when a drive crashes?

It seems to me that the obvious answer to the question should be yes, but I’m not so sure.

If a MyCloud drive goes down, are the files still accessible via the web?

If yes, please explain or point me towards the details of the answer.

Thank you.

 If a MyCloud drive goes down, are the files still accessible via the web?


The only place your files are stored is on the MyCloud.  They are not stored off site anywhere.

So, just like any other disk containing valuable data, you will need to back up the MyCloud to some other storage.  You can do this in a conventional manner, or you can use the MyCloud’s ‘Safe point’ system.

Well that pretty much defeats the purpose that I bought the drive for. sigh.

Thanks for the info.

why would they be safe?  its not a redundant system.  Buy yourself an ecternal drive abd back the thing up for heavins sake.   lol 

Well, to be fair, the term ‘cloud storage’ is generally used to denote a secure, distributed, redundant storage service, hosted ‘on the web’.

The fact that WD have called their product a ‘personal cloud storage’ might be confusing to a naive customer, making them think it’s going to behave like a cloud storage service, whereas, in fact, it’s merely a remotely-accessible NAS device, with no redundancy at all, not even the most basic level of RAID.

For the OP, have a look at this article about redundant storage devices:

Bear in mind, though, that such a device only protects against limited hardware failures.  It won’t protect against physical damage such as fire or flood; if you want that level of data protection, you’ll need an off-site redundant storage, either backup or live mirror, which brings you closer to a commercial cloud storage service.

But you need to look into the security and integrity of the cloud service you use; a number have simply stopped trading, with clients unable to access their data.  Then there are the well-publicised hacks…