Are all WD 8TB Hitachi drives?

I just bought my first 8TB Drive, WD80EFZX-68UW8N0, which is in a WD Easystore (apparently a Best Buy branded MyBook). On first use I was immediately disappointed with the noise levels compared to my 20+ other WD drives like WD50EZRX and WD30EFRX, Not only are the seek noise levels much higher, but the drive has a much higher vibration level, enough that it resonates on my desk, which is really surprising considering how well the mybook cases isolate vibration.

My next shock was that SiSoft Sandra identified this as a Hitachi drive. And while running the comprehensive track test with WD Drive Utilities, the drive was noticeably and measurably hotter than my WD50EZRX that I was testing at the same time.

After some searching of youtube and other various reviews, its become obvious that these are simply relabeled Hitachi drives.

My question is… Does WD make an 8TB drive, or are the really all Hitachi drives? From a temperature and noise perspective, I’m not impressed with this drive and may consider sticking with 6TB or smaller so I can get the real WD drives I love.

WD and Hitachi (AKA, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies) are one in the same company.

HGST is the company WD acquired several years ago. They still brand the drives independently, though.

WD purchased Hitachi’s drive division a few years ago. At the time of purchase the news was WD would continue making the 3.5" drives and Hitachi would make the 2.5" variety. I have older Hitachi drives, as both 3.5" and 2.5: in my laptops. They are very good drives.

Now, you report the Easystore branded drives have Hitachi drives in them. Since the Easystore is a house brand drive of Best Buy, perhaps the drives are not clones of WD brand drive which I understand have a year longer warranty than Easystore. It would seem to me the Easystore brand, although built by WD, is built for a lower price point and not as high a quality as the WD branded drives.

Maybe you should have bought the WD brand 8TB and not the Easystore brand. In addition, the larger capacity WD drives specs state they have the helium-filled Hitachi drives inside. Look up the specs of the WD larger drives at the main WD website.

I am aware the WD purchased Hitachi. Clearly each company had different strengths and weaknesses in their drive technology. Just because WD owns them doesn’t mean the drives produced in the Hitachi factories will now have all the WD traits.

I’ve seen side by side pictures of the WD Red and Hitachi drive. While those two are exact matches except for the label, there are very clear differences from the earlier WD models.

I have seriously considered returning this and getting the WD MyBook version. However, everything I’ve now read leaves me to believe those also have Hitachi drives in them as many reviewers have same observations and complaints that I have. This was the whole reason for me asking here…

Is there any hope of finding 8TB drives, either bare desktop or in MyBook, that are based on the quieter WD technology used in the WD 2 - 6TB drives?

Can you confirm that all 8TB WD red drives are helium-filled, as I can’t find information on WD’s official site, are they quieter. I’m in for 2 pieces 8TB drives, still can’t confirm which brands, can anyone recommend either red drives or seagate enterprise capacity drives, hopefully reply are not bias towards the WD drives since this is a WD forum.

update, as many has said the 8TB WD are just rebadge hitachi drives, but specs should the hitachi has 256MB cache, whiles the WD has only 128MB cache.


WD bought Hitachi a few years ago because they made excellent drives. Does this give you a more clear picture now?