Arcus App and Logitech Alert Cameras

I purchased the PR4100 specifically due to the Arcus video surveillance app, so I could record from my Logitech Alert cameras. I used Blue Iris before and was able to access/add the cameras and record, but Arcus cannot find the cameras, and I have tried a myriad of various settings to get it to work - with no luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get them up and running, if it’s even possible? I attempted to contact Arcus directly, and they referred me back to WD - not helpful at all.

Perhaps the following articles will be able to point you in the right direction. It could be a configuration issue, but it could very well be a compatibility issue.

Thanks for the suggestions, but I’d already gone through all of those to no avail.

The Logitech Alert cameras are a special type of beast, so I’m hoping someone who has them has figured out a way to make them work - perhaps a setting I’m just not getting right, etc. I’m concerned that they just won’t work with the drivers currently supplied by Arcus. Since Blue Iris had a driver for them, I know it’s possible to access them, so maybe at some point in the near future Arcus will develop a compatible driver. Contacting them directly would have been the easiest route, but they don’t seem to be responsive.

I got the Alert cameras working. I basically reinstalled Blue Iris on my PC to see the working settings, then I transposed those over to the Arcus setup for each camera. For anyone else with Logitech Alert cameras facing the same issue, here is what worked for me:

IP Address: Enter IP for Specific Camera
Camera Name: Enter Name as Desired
User Name: admin
Password: Password to Alert system
Streaming Mode: RTP over RTSP (TCP)
Delivery Mode: Multipart Stream
Keep Alive Type: RTCP
Retrieval Mode: Streaming
Connection URL: HighResolutionVideo
RTSP Port: 554