Aquariums and maintenance

Are fishes an easy to maintain pet? I already have a dog. Aquariums look pretty cool and I want to change something inside the house

@Monoscript You should visit PetSmart or some other pet store and ask your question there. They can tell you what size aquariums you would need depending on the fish you get. They can also tell you about how much it cost to take care of them.

A Google search would probably turn up answers to your question too.

Like with every other pet you must try it to know if you like it or not. But generally, if you love animals, you’ll love them too. Now that I think about it, fish can be the perfect pet for those that don’t like animals. They don’t go around the house, they won’t destroy your house, they won’t make noises, they won’t weak you up in the middle in the night (like my cat does). They only downside is cleaning up their tank. It can be annoying. But if you find someone to clean it better for you. Use natural decorations like live rocks and wood so that there could form a ecosystem, nature will take care of them. A thing that you should take care are the predator worms:bug: that can get into your aquarium without you even knowing. About them you can read on The fish are not pretentious, this makes him a perfect pet for office or family.:tropical_fish:

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Thanks, this is an interesting thread about aquariums