My device is an EX2 8T.  I reformated the drive and lost all of the Apps… How do I reinstall them… and where can I download them.  I’ve found and downloaded the gz files from the WD site… but all of the apps are not there… PLEX and Twony as examples.  Also I don’t know what a gz file is and how to I load it onto the server (where) and how does it run/install?


Hi David and welcome.

Most of the “external Apps” can be reinstalled directly from EX2 dashboard at “Apps” menu and then clicking on “+” button just below the Apps list on the left .

This will open the menu to add “standard” apps, like Icecast, Wordpress, Transmission, etc.

Then, for Apps not directly provided by WD, you have to search on Apps internet sites. For example, you can find PLEX here: (selecting the WD EX2 download)

or BitTorrent Sync here:

Then, you can add the downloaded file/app using same procedure above, but clicking on “To install an app manually, click here”, instead of already present Apps. An explorer window will be opened on your PC and then you can select (and install) the downloaded file.


PS: here the link about Twonky infos

Thanks Paulus.