Apps for Pro Series Ready for Voting

Voting for PlexPy app

Voting for Nzbget

When you all love the apps and you wanna See them in App Centre of you My Cloud PR2100/4100 just Vote for it!

and hopefully we will see them soon in the app centre of our Clouds!


A reminder to those interested:

A “vote” is added by posting supportive/approval comments, and by giving “likes” to the opening post/idea.

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Just click the voting link like the message and leave a message so we can get a nice app in app centre

I would love the ability to have PlexPy installable from the App Store! Has there been any other chatter on this since August?

Heh… I have given up any hope that WD will actually do some good in terms of new apps few months ago. Take a look at the Network product ideas, you’ll see…

This forum is missing a welcome page: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here…”

Yeah I get that vibe after poking around for even just a few minutes, but I have also understood that to be the name of the game with WD for at least a decade or so. Just trying to remain hopeful; PlexPy is amazing.

I actually got the program installed on my MacBook yesterday through terminal and set it up as a daemon by following the instructions published where the program is found. This was monumental for me. Then I quickly realized that it will do me little good on a laptop that I open and close all of the time, and that a program like this would be best used when installed on the NAS itself. I ended the night by undoing everything and posting the above reply.