Application not started from drive


There might me a post for this issue here but I was unable to find for my issue. Due to number of reasons part of my files were trapped in My passport and WD support said it would not be possible to restore them bc I used Windows back up tool once so I just erased My passport to clean it up. Then I was following instruction in WD manual - Knowledge Base Answer ID #5419 for information about downloading and restoring the WD SmartWare software I did not have a luck to restore it. On final step I was trying to run WD SmartWare and I am getting message- Application not started from drive. I downloaded update and still no luck. It is also shown instead of My passport K: drive - New Volume K:. Any suggestions? Thank you.  

If you want to install smartware, just follow the link below to download it, copy the installation file to your computer and install it from there.

Thank you. I did that and it did not work for some reason. Same message. I’ve got response from WD and I was followed those steps carefylly but it did not wok either. I do not know what I am doing wrong. I made all steps as instructed.

Well, another step you can try is to install the SES driver.