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The issue is simple, but rather complex in nature to solve according to these forums.

  1. I had a mac and time capsuled the whole thing on your product; “My Passport for Mac”

  2. I no longer have Mac (Boo hoo)

  3. I need files from it, but can only do so on a Mac

  4. I connect to any windows PC and its connected (you can discover it) I just cannot see in the driver area or access it.

  5. I have updated all drivers, installed SES, even some clean up agent, and read through the process a lot - SES seems to be the answer, so I extracted thefiles, and now it states “Application not started from drive”

  6. I have windows 10, 64 bit

  7. What is going on, and how do you advise I go about this?

Thank you

Welcome to the Community.

A hard drive formatted for Apple Time Machine backups is not normally accessible in a Windows computer without 3rd party applications. This is because the configuration required by Time Machine (HFS+) is incompatible with Windows.

You will need to either connect your hard drive to another Mac, or install a 3rd party application for accessing HFS+ hard drives on Windows. Also, the Time Machine backup is likely to be encrypted in a single sparse-bundle file used by Apple Time Machine. This is another barrier when trying to access your files on Windows.

The drive format is probably not one that the PC can read (Mac’s usually use HFS+, rather than Windows NTFS).

Have a look at this link for a few software solutions which can allow it to be read, or just Google “read a mac formatted drive on a pc” or something similar for more articles on the subject.

Editted to add - Ninja’d by Trancer. The comment about then extracting from the time capsule itself is also a good point. But this article may give you some advice (on both points).

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