AppleTV's listed in DLNA Media Player Device List?

Can someone explain to me, if homesharing is required to stream anything to an AppleTV, why both of my AppleTV’s are listed as media player devices in the DLNA section of the dashboard? Right at the top of the list, it states “Stream music, video, or photos to any compatible device through your home.”, and then lists my xbox, and two AppleTV’s, making me question whether or not I can actually stream to them.

Are they listed because the hardware itself is capable of DLNA streaming, but something like Plex is needed for it to actually work? It’s fairly confusing.

I have an Apple TV and its never listed. Im curious as to how or why yours is. Unless the Apple TV is jailbroken, it is not compatible with DLNA

Neither ATV is jailbroken, both are ATV 2’s. Both are connected to the network over the 5GHz N network coming from my Airport Express. The NAS is plugged into the ethernet port on the Airport Express.

Here is a screenshot of my device list: