Appledouble & other apple folders

I have seen some mention of these  apple folder/directories on the MBL, but have not seen any real answer as to why they appear when the drive is not being used by any Mac OS device. I only use Windows machines and Linux machines on my network. Neither do I use my iPod to access the drive contents.

Yesterday, I disabled the iTunes Server which I just discovered. Is this related to these folders?

I want to delete those apple folders. Will they come back? I don’t know. Some of these folders have files in them. I did notice that the files are 1kb, but with enough of them, I am giving up space.

What is the Network Trash folder & Temporary Items folder use for?

Is it safe to delete them?

I have seen a few questions about these folders but no definitive answer. Does anybody at Western Digital know about this topic?


The My Book has a default folder dedicated for Time Machine backups called “TimeMachineBackup”.  This folder will remain empty until you use Time Machine or copy files into it manually. 

This has not really answered my questions.

1. Why do these folders appear on the drive?

2. Can they be deleted without them coming back?

3.What is the Network Trash folder & Temporary Items folder used for? And Is it safe to delete them?

These folders are related to the iTunes Server you already disabled. They are usually hidden from Mac users automatically by the operating system, but they may be visible to other operating systems. You should be able to delete these folders without any issues and since you disabled the iTunes media server they should not return. Since this is a software developed by Apple, I recommend you to contact them for further questions about the iTunes server. You might also want to check the following thread, related to your case.