Appledouble Directories

Mt WD Livebook is only used in a Windows environment, why I get on my drive appledouble directories?

You are correct, Appledouble should only appear if the MBL have been used with a Mac.  There is a chance that it has been used before with a Mac.  If you want to get rid of those directories you may do a Restore to Factory Deafults, before doing this make sure to copy to other source the data you need to keep from the MBL.

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Yes you are right, but  there is no Apple computer in my network and never has been there a Apple PC in this network.

Could it be that someone did break-in the lifebook with a Mac?

All options for contact outside where disabled only found that FTP was crossed and could be used.

The router firewall has no forwarding for FTP or any other port number.

I really wonder what cause the Appledouble directories to be there.

I removed, after founding the appledoublke directories, all .

Now we are a few days later and again I find this kind of directories again.

What can I do about it?