Apple user: Mac shares problem?

I’ve been reading about shares and most resources are PC oriented. I need help with setting up a Mac shares. I have three WDTV Live SMP’s. One of them has a 3TB HDD attached. In two other rooms I have 2 other WDTV Live SMP’s. My HDD is formatted for Apple and is set to accept read & write from everybody.

I can see SMP1 on the other 2 SMP’s. They are all named differently on the network (they are labeled SMP1, 2 and 3, with SMP1 having the HDD attached). I turned off windows shares because when left on - nothing culd be seen over the network.  I only have Mac shares turned on and I have cleared the media library at least 20x and restarted the device at each time.  I’ve even turned the media library off.

Still, when I try to connect SMP’s 2 & 3 to SMP1 (with the HDD attached) it keeps asking for a user name and password.  The user says “guest” and the password displays “********” filled in the box. There’s also a locked padlock displayed next to it. This is odd because I don’t have a password setup on anything???

There is no feature to turnoff as in step 1 of the info provided at the top of the forum; I’m unaware of a step 3 feature for Mac:


  1. In the WDTV Settings/Network settings, select auto logon (if your model WDTV has this option; otherwise ignore).

  2. Click on “Clear login info for network share” and select to clear it.

  3. On your PC, in the Windows Network and Sharing Center/Advanced sharing settings, select it to “Turn OFF password protected sharing”.

End of your access problems.  You will not be asked anymore for account names and passwords to access Network shares.

When the SMP’s asks for a user and password and I delete “guest” and leave it blank - sometimes I can see the HDD (on SMP1) and it’s folders but I can’t access the folders.

Can somone tell me how to access my media from SMP1 (attached HDD) using the other two SMP’s?

I am using version 2.01.86. (I rolled back because the latest version had too many issues). I have no computers attached that supply media to the network. I do have three Apple computers, an Ipad, kindle fire and few set top devices that are on the network as needed. I’ve turned off everything except the SMP’s but they still don’t network together.

Thanks All!

ibantu wrote:

I’ve been reading about shares and most resources are PC oriented

really ? there seems to be lots of mac info if you do a search

Yup I read most of those but they don’t exactly match my problem (I think?).  I don’t stream from my Mac or use my Mac as a media source.  In fact I don’t use anything for my media streaming except the WDTV Live SMP’s. I was hoping somebody had my specific setup and could tell me how to make the SMP’s work with each other over a wireless network. 

It is possible that I could have missed a thread though.  I will review them again.  If you know of a thread that solves the problem of getting 2 - 3 SMP’s to work together over a wireless network using MAC shares, with one of the SMP’s having an attached HDD (containing the video media) please let me know. It sounds easy but I haven’t been able to solve it Thanks!