Apple TV and MyCloud


I moved my iTunes libary to MyCloud from my PC.

Should I now be able to stream my iTunes library content to my Apple TV as I did when the iTunes library was on the PC?  I tried this weekend and Apple TV wouldn’t recognize the library content.  Is this a dashboard setting or is it just not possible?

Thanks in advance…John

A cursory Google search of Apple TV and NAS (any NAS) suggests that AppleTV requires a computer running iTunes to connect.

Thanks…yes the PC still has iTunes on it.  Only the library was moved to McCloud.

Did you try it with the iTunes server on in the Dashboard?


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cat0w (USA)


So, when the Mac/PC is on, with iTunes running on that machine, AppleTV doesn’t see that machine? I understood that ATV can only talk to a PC.

The Itunes Server built into the NAS only serves up Music.