Apple Big Sur?


the G-RAID configurator doesn’t work with Big Sur

what do I do next?


You bet, you can intall mojave on a 2nd partition or external hard drive and boot to it. The password will be accepted and will mount! OR if the Host Mac Supports an older version visit official site of Internet Recovery that will also work to unlock the drive! I will be going over that in my update video tonight.

Here on Big Sur 11.2.2 the G-RAID with Thunderbolt Configurator works fine.
But You don’t even need it. Use instead the Harddisk-Utility of MacOS. There You can find the Raid-Assistant.

Update: You better use the G-RAID Configurator to build a Raid-1. Then your Mac will show only ONE Volume. If You use apple’s Raid Assistant, then You will see TWO disks, and the Raid will not work properly.

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