Apple Aperture Vault compatibility - appears to work

It appears that MCM WILL work with Aperture Vault.

I have just done an update to my 160Gb Vault and it appears to have worked.

Unfortunately I do not know how big the update was, so I can’t give people an indication of time taken, aside that I went away and came back 15-20 mins later and it had worked.

I would estimate that I only had 20-50 new pictures.

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This is good to know. Any chance to share the steps? This will help other Users in need.

My process was:

  1. Connect my existing WD 1TB MyBook to the USB port on the MCM

2. Copy my existing Aperture Valut from that drive to the MCM

  1. Go into Aperture

  2. ‘Update path’ for the Vault to the new location

  3. Update the Vault

Be warned:

(a) The initial transfer will take many days (mine was 2 days for 160Gb)

(b) The indexing that takes over after the initial trsnafer takes another 2 days…

However, subsequent Updates (Step 5 above) seemd to be fairly quick. Am holding back on atrictlating ‘quick’ until I do another where I have a sensible amount of new material to add to the Vault.