Appalling installation documentation/failure of wd website

Trying to install my just purchased WD passport ultra I find the user manual full of contradictory instruction. Then, when I try and register the product to enable me to get support the form fails to recognise the serial number and then I discover there is absolutely no way of contacting WD by email & have to wait fo office hours tomorrow to phone. I fully expect their phone system will not work either. Is this a rubbish business that couldn’t care less about it’s customers or what ?

All this has wasted three hours of my time, prevented me from having an evening meal and made me go to bed too late to get enough sleep. At this point I absolutely hate Western Digital for the sheer ignorance of their website design, inability to be able communicate what are simple things (nothing at all to do with technology) and the obvious, total lack of a proper education the writers & designers of the WD website & documentation have.

This very nasty experience of a very bad company started when I found it difficult to find the serial number. It is printed so small and so fudged and out of focus on the product it is virtually unreadable - I had to get a magifying glass to be able to read it all.

I then discovered WD know many people cannot read this because it is so appallingly badly printed and they have the cheek to say that many customers use the trick of photographing this ■■■■■ bit of unreadable print with a digital camera, then magnifying it so they can read this moronically badly printed serial number.

So this boils down to the fact I have an unusable product right now until I manage to telephone this lousy bunch of nitwits. Frankly, I am thinking of returning the WD product to the retailer I bought it from and never buying another Western Digital product as long as I live.

Has anyone got any alternative suggestions ? And have other people had similar appalling experiences from Western Digital ?


We have escalated this issue. Please keep an eye on your private messages, Someone from support will contact you soon.