[APP] Transmission various versions for firmware V4+ (05/2020)

My WDMyCloud has an anti-bot mechanism which I customized within http/ftp/ssh to keep it safe from unauthorised access. You got permanent banned because you tried to execute the script manual (usually bot does these). I’ve removed the ban. 

You’re in Dubai yet the pings are almost 300ms. I’m in Asia and getting better 200ms pings to the US. This is the reason to the lag, you’ll need to check your network/ISP.

Is there any easy way to change all folders from the public share to another share on the WD Cloud?

Not related to this post so I won’t cover this here. BTW there’s no easy way, you got to know what you’re doin else you’ll break something. 


I don’t understand, if to installate Tr2.84 is enough:

This is Transmission v2.84 for firmware V4+ successfully built with 64K page size memory patch. For setups and details, refer to https://www.transmissionbt.com/.

For wich I need rest of guide?

Thanks a lot

This is an installation thread, anything else please check the developer forum.

Yes, I was speaking about this thread.

I want to install Transmission 2.84 on MyCloud.

I must follow the entire guide, or some steps are optional?

Because I don’t understand the guide very well.

The guide is very straightforward but obviously you’ll need to follow everything as nothing mentioned as optional. Please don’t do anything if you don’t understand because it’s risking of voiding your warranty or worst bricking the NAS. I suggest you do some research prior.

I do agree with Nazar.

Even though his instructions are simple, they require some knowledge.

I’ve read his instructions several times until I felt confident to go forward and I believe Nazar did a good job explaining what each step does - nice step by step instrutions.

Those who don’t possess that minimal knowledge/understanding should not try these; it asks for troubles!

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Oh, sure! I don’t mean that Nazar did a bad job!

On the contrary, I thank him for the guide.

I’m only doing a bit confusion, but I’m trying to understand all.

I already have knowledge on these arguments.

A question: at  https://www.transmissionbt.com/

I only must download the package? Or I must do other?

The only time Nazar refers to that link he says:

_ This is Transmission v2.84 for firmware V4+ successfully built with 64K page size memory patch. For setups and details , refer to _ https://www.transmissionbt.com/.

(bolds are on me)

That means Nazar does not give instructions on how to use Transmission: for that, you go to that link.

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Is it possible to set the transmission download directory to a private (password protected) share?


You can set to whichever paths you want as long as you know what you’re doing. The reason I made it public as default because not many of us knows how to deal with the ownerships and permissions. And the installer script don’t know which account you’re using to access :P I could easily find out and let the script auto config but this will led to privacy invasion which I don’t think many would agree.

Dear Nazar78,

Would it still work on firmware 4.04 OS 3?

I believe WD will still continue the 64K page size memory as it has been all this while for v4 firmwares. But we can only confirm when the new firmware has been released.

Dear Nazar78,

Thanks for your advice.  My cloud was prompted that firmware 4.04 is available.  I will wait until you have further advice.

Thank you.


connection closed  with remote host

any one else getting this error

Hello, excuse my English . When attempting to download from Puty . I get the following error message rl: (7) Failed to connect to Network is unreachable -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `7’ Thankyou

Can you view the site teanazar.com? The script is running on the same server. If you’re blocked you won’t see the site but wiki spam.

A little of topic…

Yesterday I did an instalation on someone else MyCloud (v422, I think) and notice that my changes to settings.json are erased with transmission restart. Essencially, settings.json is reseted every time transmission starts (I could prove this by changing lines order - after Transmission restart they are back to original state).

Could this be a new Transmission problem, some new setting I don’t know about or firmware related?

BTW, I was defining a new watch folder (I remember, in my other previous instalations I had to add those lines and now they are already defined in default settings.json)

You need to stop transmission before you edit the settings.json

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