[APP] Transmission various versions for firmware V4+ (04/2018)


no it doesnt work this is screenshot

when u have ttime my friend tell me if u can to give u the teamviewer tio check it


I seldom run exe directly from the download folder. And yes now I’ve tested and the umask 0 wasn’t honored. There’s nothing I can do about this. Least you could do is to run a post script to change the permission upon download completion.

Stop the daemon then modify the config e.g. below:

"script-torrent-done-enabled": true,
"script-torrent-done-filename": "/root/scripts/transmission-change-permission.sh",

Then create a new script e.g. from above example:
nano /root/scripts/transmission-change-permission.sh;


/usr/bin/find /root/Downloads -type f -name "*.exe" ! -perm -ugo+x -exec chmod 777 {} \;

CTRL+X close then save and don’t forget to make this script executable chmod 755 then restart the daemon.


Many thnx my friend one more thing i would like to change download dir what i must change from permissions??


I don’t recommend changing the download path unless you’re very sure what you’re doing because you will have permission issues. Instead create a symlink to it.


Hi Nazr78,

I’ve setup watch dir in setting.json. However, the torrent I have paste into the watch dir does not get added to transmission by itself. I’m using MyCloud.

On my MyBookLive, when torrents are added to transmission, the extension of the file will be xxx.torrent.added

Any idea?


I just tested with v2.92 it works also had no issues with the older v2.84. If you were to install from my installer, without changing anything, the process will start when you place a *.torrent file into the download path ‘/shares/Public/Transmission/Downloads’.


It didn’t work for me. Maybe I need to reinstall? Normally should I uninstall first before reinstall again?


If you’ve installed from my installer, no need to uninstall. Just stop transmission transmission-stop; then remove your existing config file rm -f /root/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json; then reinstall again using my installer. Note that my builds both download AND watch directory is set to /shares/Public/Transmission/Downloads.


Hello Nazar.
When transmission finish downloading a dir, root is set as its owner, so I can’t delete the dir under my account. Downloaded files (without dir) aren’t having permission restriction. How can I fix this issue?


You should not have such issues installing from my installer and not changing anything in the settings. I can delete downloaded dirs owned by root using my non-root personal account.


I’ve deleted the exiting settings.json, reintall 2.9.2 using your installer.

After place torrent in Downloads rolder. Nothing happen to it.


What is the file name you placed in the download folder? It needs to be “filename.torrent” extension.


It is all ending with .torrent


Try putting this in the Download folder, mine started to process it after few seconds.



I’ve tried changing directory and adding the torrent file to Downloads foler, still didn’t work
WDMyCloud:~# ps -ef | grep -E ‘transmission|cron’
root 6371 1 0 12:50 ? 00:00:00 /usr/sbin/cron
root 20899 1 69 15:23 ? 00:02:19 transmission-daemon
root 20976 1 2 15:24 ? 00:00:04 transmission-daemon
root 21334 17361 0 15:27 pts/0 00:00:00 grep -E transmission|cron

Does it add extension after loaded to transmission?
E.g. On my MyBookLive, the file extension change from xxx.torrent to xxx.torrent.added


I’m not sure about MBL but for MyCloud it moves the torrent file to torrents path.

I think your issue is there’s two daemon running! Kill both and restart a new daemon.

ps -ef|grep -v grep|grep transmission-daemon|awk '{print $2}'|xargs kill -9&&transmission-daemon;


I’ll try to restart all over again anyway. By the way, what is the recommended method to access transmission remotely? OpenDNS?


Make sure your crontab has only one transmission entry when you restart the NAS.

To access remotely it all depends on your choice. To setup, you can follow the first part of my WebHosting guide where I mentioned about DDNS.


Thanks for the guidance. :+1: Its working now.
Will try out the webhosting guide as well…


Hi Nazar,
thank you for your time and for rescuing my device, although the 1sec latency between us!
I did a system restore, since my firmware was already the latest one, now everything works fine again.

Keep up the good work!