[APP] Transmission various versions for firmware V4+ (03/2019)


Captcha temporarily unavailable, upgrade in progress! for the past 12 hours. Please can you advise when it will be back up. I would donate but I don’t have a credit card. Can I get this from anywhere else?


The captcha broke on the recent php7 update. I’ll need some free time to work on it perhaps over the weekends.

[APP] CloudDAVMod various versions for firmware V4+ (05/2018)

Thanks, i will waiting for reinstall… If you can share a temporary password…

Nazar, Thanks for all good work



Thank you very much for all of your work on this project–I have been using your installation for transmission on my WD Mycloud for about 6 months.

I have two issues:
About a month ago, new torrents just stopped downloading–they will add, but they will not download; the last message I get in the .log file is that the torrent is successfully parsed, then that the resume file is saved–nothing else. I have tried switching ports, checking permissions, etc. I’m waiting to redownload now and crossing my fingers that the reinstall will work.

Secondly: whenever the mycloud is turned off, or indeed, whenever the daemon is restarted, I lose all of my torrent history (seeded torrents are no longer seeded), and I don’t want to manually add them back in–is there a quick fix for this? some setting I’m not paying attention to?

Thanks again for your hard work.


Was that a month ago you’re using version 2.92? And 6 months back you’ve been using the older 2.84 with no issues? So far I haven’t encountered such issues even with the latest 2.92. Ensure you don’t have two or more transmission daemon running at the same time as it’s known to cause issues. Check with ps -ef|grep -v grep|grep transmission-daemon; you should see only one instance. If you see more than one, force kill’em all killall -9 transmission-daemon; then restart a new one transmission-daemon;.

I also never encounter this maybe because I’m only downloading casually and removed once seeded for a period of time. From what I’ve noticed from those reported similar issues (can’t remember the exact links, you can Google them), the two root causes are:

  1. Permission issues. This should be ok if you didn’t changed any of the paths or configs set by my installer. If you did, try to start fresh:- stop the daemon transmission-stop;, ensure it really stops ps -ef|grep -v grep|grep transmission-daemon;, remove the config file then reinstall Transmission.

  2. Time sync issues. Ensure your MyCloud time is in sync, compare with date. MyCloud should run ntpdate successfully every reboot, see if it’s enabled in the WD Dashboard. Try ntpdate-debian; see if you lose out too much in time or having issues updating the system time.

If the above root cause doesn’t apply to you, then probably it’s a bug which needs to be reported directly to the developers. Note I’m just helping to build for MyCloud, the codes are originally untouched unless stated otherwise.


First time I update the FW, so I have 2 questions:

  1. Have I to obtain credential before run the installer?
  2. How to remove the tar backup?

plus after run tar zcf /shares/Public/transmission.tar.gz ~/.config/transmission-daemon;
I got this: Removing leading `/’ from member names

Is everythinh OK?




Please read the instructions from the first post.

You have done it correctly, ignore the warnings.


Mycloud firmware upgraded. Transmission app not working. I want install again but captcha is not working.


Read my previous post.


I don’t have backup file


Then you don’t need one.


I did not understand what to do. :confused:


I’m not sure what you need? Have you read my previous post?


Are you talking about this? Yes I do.

I do not understand how to transmission run again. Command does not work. I want to re-install.


Read my post from the 25th May


WDMyCloud:~# ps -ef|grep -v grep|grep transmission-daemon;
WDMyCloud:~# killall -9 transmission-daemon;

transmission-daemon: no process found

WDMyCloud:~# transmission-stop;

-bash: transmission-stop: command not found


Of course you will need to reinstall after the firmware update? I’m referring to my recent post from the 25th May here:


ok. i’m waiting resolve captcha.


Have you considered turning the captcha system off until you fix the issues you are having or providing a temporary one that user can use?


The captcha is tied to the keys, user, pass and IP address, so no I can’t turn it off or issue temporary ones to each IP without major overhaul which could in turn affect donors too. I’m doing this out of my free time so you guys just have to wait.