App to view Read/Write speeds

I have seen some graphs here that show read/write speeds of NAS devices.
Can someone share an app or utility that will let me see my Read/Write speeds between devices such as a DL4100 and external USB hard drive?

I found this and think it may be the easiest for a *nix box :wink:
Lots of Windows app, not so much for nix

Copy a one gig file to the flash drive, how long did that take?
Copy a one gig file from the flash drive, how long did that take?
Divide one thousand by your answers and that will give the write and read speeds in MB/s

Thanks, but I was really hoping to find the app/utility used to show some graphs on this forum about slow speeds between a NAS and a external USB drive…I simply can’t find it…

What exactly are you requesting / looking for? Do you want to benchmark the copy speed of data from/to USB drive which is connected to the USB port of a DL4100? I don’t know any tool for this purpose…

Copy speed is directly related to the USB controller inside the USB drive, the type of data to copy (large files, small files, amount of files in a single share, etc.) and at least the overall amount of data that need to be transfered. In general, the most time consuming process is the identification and indexing of the content that shall be copied, the copy process itself depends mainly on the speed of the external drive.

I was hoping to be able to see read/write speeds from my MyCloud EX to an external drive attached via the USB connector.
I could swear I saw a posting where the poster showed a graphic chart of read/write speeds under the same scenario …eventually I believe he received a response to connect the USB hard drive directly to his computer and then that would improve those read/write speeds to his NAS.

Within the Web interface of My Cloud, there is nothing that shows the speeds.

If your question is related to transfer huge file sizes from/to USB external drive, I would use SSH console and do it right from the command line. Using Windows PC and copy from NAS share to mounted USB share would ruin everything - as teh files would be transfered first to your PC and then back trhough the NAS to the USB drive - which ends up in miserable speed but caused by this PC in between.