[APP] pyLoad v0.4.9 for firmware V4+ (11/2014)


Hey Nazar78,

would it be possible to update pyload? With your release I get an error while downloading from shareonline.biz, but if I install pyload from this tutorial #1 everything works, but the autoExtract.

Thank you :slight_smile:

#1 http://www.explicitlabs.de/wd-mycloud-pyload/


v0.4.9 is the latest release. The URL you’re trying to download seems domain on sale :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey :slight_smile:

It’s true, that version 0.4.9 is the latest release, but the updated files are uploaded to github. Hmmm the website is working for me :slight_smile: And is there any repository still online for wheezy? https://ftp.anionix.ru/dists/ is only for jessie…



Not sure mate, I don’t use this app. I’ll update if there’s a new version.


I would really appreciate it, if you could update pyload :heart_eyes:. You can find the newest version here: https://github.com/pyload/pyload/tree/stable -> “Clone or download” -> “Download ZIP” (directlink: https://github.com/pyload/pyload/archive/stable.zip).

Also I have the problem, that after the installation of pyload I will get an error while “apt-get update”, that there are some packages (e.g. nfs-common) which can’t be updated.


Same for me, It would be great if you update pyload. Some plugins doesn’t work with this old version.


The " teanazar.com" site doesn’t work. Is there any chance to upload it to a different server?