[APP] pyLoad v0.4.9 for firmware V4+ (11/2014)


OK now.  Thank you.


Had the same thing happening here. It seems the UpdateManager.py plugin is out of date. I found a fix on another forum:

Replace contents of UpdateManager.py (default in /usr/share/pyload/module/plugins/hooks) with the following


(of course, keep a backup of your old UpdateManager.py file for safety reasons)


What is username and password? I tried admin:admin but I can’t login.


Did you read http://pyload.org/ ? There’s no credentials by default.


How to add new user or restart setup wizard?


Read http://pyload.org/ ?


I can’t run – python pyLoadCore.py -s – command. Which folder should i choose?


Not sure what you’re trying to do, from your screenshot /etc/init.d/pyload is of course not a directory:

service pyload;

I suggest you go understand how it works at http://pyload.org/ and it’s forum http://forum.pyload.org/ for questions. This thread is only meant for installation purposes. This will be my last reply.


I’m not an experienced user in the terminal. I just want to add a new user. I do not know where to start.

python pyLoadCore.py -s
python pyLoadCore.py -u
this commands is not work.


pyLoadCore.py -s pyLoadCore.py -u


@Nazar78 after exporting username and password from your website and start the installation I try to agree to the terms and enter Y but instantly I get a message “Negative have a nice day”
Do you know why ?


Which firmware version are you on? Which client you use to log in SSH, putty? And the version? I’ve seen a few installs today including pyLoad with no issue.


I’m on v4
Client is Mac’s bash
I tried to install Transmission and pyLoad but mainly Transmission


Not sure about Mac, may be you could try with a different client.


Hi…I don’t know where is the problem but I cant update plugins and PYLOAD.org is down .?


You’ll need to get in touch with the developers, I’m just helping to build them for MyCloud and not using them.


Hi Nazar, you can update the plugins with this https://github.com/pyload/pyload/tree/stable/module/plugins/hoster ?



I think you add the plugin manually.


I don’t know how to do it :frowning:


Just extract the files into the plugin folder. Then restart the service.