App not working

I had the cloud for over a year and had no problems once and a while the app would not open
Now the app does not work at all on computer or Iphone, if I type the ip I can get to everything
Only thing I ever had to do is get the port open so I called had open a year ago It was working almost perfect

What “app” are you using on the computer and the iPhone? Is your computer a Windows PC or a Mac PC?

First line of defense is uninstall app on mobile device it doesn’t work on, and reinstall it.

The app from the iTunes lib it worked. For the last year then stopped now since I am asking its working again
WD My Cloud for Desktop app for Windows not working going to try to reinstall

I mailed for support and I received the apps was working I was uploading pictures to the drive now the app not not working deleted app reinstalled and once agian nothing