App needs better functionality

I have the OS5 app on my android device. It’s missing a number of features:

  1. I have a folder with 5000 and some photos. I have them named and numbered. I have them in one folder so that I can flip through them showing them to people without having to navigate to different folders. Sometimes I want to show a specific set of photos though, when I search for the same of that set of photos, they come up under my search results completely out of order, and that window doesn’t have an option to sort by name. Sorting options for search results would fix this. It really ■■■■■ to have to scroll through a couple thousand photos so that you can go through them in order. If I remember correctly, the OS3 app could do this.

  2. The OS5 app won’t let me download anything that isn’t a photo or video. OS3 could do this, I’m not sure why it was taken away. I also sometimes use this to save a PDF to my phone. I can’t do this anymore.


Edit: 4. The ability to download folders. If I want to download a folder with 100 items in it, I can’t just select the folder and download it, I have to go into the folder, select the 100 items individually, and download them.