App location? No idea what Im doing, new to using a NAS

So just bought my first NAS…I am moving my Plex over to that now. I want to move my settings into the NAS and cant find where the app is located in order to copy all the folders. I see a Plex Media Server section in my local network area…but cant paste or create new folders. Where is this?! Is a NAS not just a dumber PC? I would think I could browse through file folders until I got into the apps…?

Also I have the registry with all the other settings from the PC, is that something I can use? I dont think I could. I’m trying to keep it set up and have my watched stuff marked watched, file names and posters all be the same…help please :slight_smile:

I posted this in the Plex forums with no reply so far

I have begun moving my stuff from my old PC to this new NAS…it’s going great. My hang up is this.
I have copied my Registry info to my Desktop and I have my Server information, settings and all ready to move as well…I cant find the location of the app though? I have a Public Sharware and a 3rd location but nothing that shows me the application data/ location. This is my first NAS, any one out there that can help? Otherwise I’m going to have to start from scratch and that sssuuuuuuucks


  1. A NAS is “Network Attached Storage” and not a dumber or dumber’er PC :slight_smile:
  2. No you cannot use your Windows Registry on a NAS, but you can surely copy the backup image there if needed
  3. No need to copy your Plex configuration to the NAS. The NAS is a PMS

Personally, I created a new Share on the NAS called Plex and made the share Public.
I then copied all of my content (Movies, Music, Photo’s etc) into the Plex Share.
Install the Plex App and configured Plex Libraries

Hope it helps

yea that helps…dumber PC might be too strong…meaning its not a big game rig or anything… lol

that all makes sense but me moving from the PC to a NAS means I lose all my play lists, filters, file names, everything I’ve spent over a year making?! That’s not cool…all that meta data…gone? worthless? The NAS/Plex, when I get in and start doing the same…has to save those same files to some where?

Thanks for the fast reply by the way :slight_smile: