App and Network on the same page

Why can’t the My Cloud App and Network computers be on the same page like the older OS3 system another words is there a way to get see them the with out assigning a drive letter once I do that I can see what I see through the App but guess what Apple TV, smart TV’s can only see the time machine and what ever you created directory in my case my backup directory for all my computers to backup to which I’m taking it is a IP Address or something. So is there anyway to make it see the drive through network rather than assigned drive letter. Ya I know I could move everything over there well then the My Cloud App will not see those directory there has to be a way to get both the My Cloud App and Networked computers on the same page. I would like to view my vacation pictures on the big screen TV but I can’t because I up loaded them through the My Cloud App. The WD Drive acts just like it has 2 separate drives running side by side but can’t see each drive as one.

What WD My Cloud device do you own?

I have a 1st and a 2nd generation WDMYCLOUD single HDD. Both are on my home Network and show on my TVs.

I’m running a WD My Cloud Home Duo 16TB drive it’s about a year old
I’ve been playing with it for a couple hours now and i still can’t get the IOS App and the Newtork computers on the same page it acts like there is 2 separate drives one for the IOS App which has all my vacation pictures, Music, Book and Magazine collection on it and soon as I come over to the Windows Click network drives there it is the MYCLOUD drive click on it I get my Backup and the Time Machine directory not my pictures,music or anything else so I like to keep the IOS App My Cloud because I travel ALOT and this way I can Upload Pictures while I’m traveling But Back to the real problem go thru anything like Apple TV, Smart TV or my FE File Explore App on Apple TV use to work with the old WD My Cloud now everything that use to access the drive now just sees the Backup and Time Machine Directory i can’t figure out how to make it see the other Public Directory that has my Picture, Music and Collection on it This assigning a drive letter thing I didn’t real like I don’t know if that has anything to do with it BUT it takes me to the Public Directory with Pictures, Music and Collection so what the difference from IOS App to Assigned Letter in Windows Network because I can IP into the drive and still the samething Backup and Time Machine Directory What gives what happen to just make it simple