App and Network on the same page

Why can’t the My Cloud App and Network computers be on the same page like the older OS3 system another words is there a way to get see them the with out assigning a drive letter once I do that I can see what I see through the App but guess what Apple TV, smart TV’s can only see the time machine and what ever you created directory in my case my backup directory for all my computers to backup to which I’m taking it is a IP Address or something. So is there anyway to make it see the drive through network rather than assigned drive letter. Ya I know I could move everything over there well then the My Cloud App will not see those directory there has to be a way to get both the My Cloud App and Networked computers on the same page. I would like to view my vacation pictures on the big screen TV but I can’t because I up loaded them through the My Cloud App. The WD Drive acts just like it has 2 separate drives running side by side but can’t see each drive as one.

What WD My Cloud device do you own?

I have a 1st and a 2nd generation WDMYCLOUD single HDD. Both are on my home Network and show on my TVs.

Sorry been having other things going on just haven’t had time to get back to this issue. Yes I use to have a My Cloud and it worked like a champ never had a problem loved it when they did away with the IOS support for it I bought this 16TB Home Duo. If I could get one tech support to answer my question I would be happy. The Home Duo acts and works like it has 2 partitions one for Network. another words like the icon on your computer double click network icon and it gives me a Backup DIR and a Time Machine DIR that’s it then when I first set this thing up it asked me to designate a Drive Letter didn’t think much about it so now I have a Z: BUT once you click that there’s everything. My pictures,music and videos WHY can I not just make them work under network that way everything else will see it like smart TVs and Apple TV like it use to be on the Older MY CLOUD DRIVE.


Have you already looked at the User Manual?

If that doesn’t help try the Knowledge Base.
Search Support | Western Digital

Let me Thumb through It have to get my Printer working again I had that HP Instant Ink well since wife has finished with her Master Degree we don’t print as much so I turned it off BOY they disconnect your printer from the ink cartridges so you can’t use it unless you go buy new ink so another issue i have to work on I’ll keep in touch with you Thanx

Well guess what this last firmware did the trick the thing I’ve been gripping about the most THEY FINALLY FIXED IT. YIPEE!!! No more problems it’s a good day finally. Access to local area network now my computers, Apple TV and my Smart TV see it like it should.