Aperture vault and wd my cloud


i am trying to create an aperture vault on WD my cloud drive. I fail to do so since aperture seems to freeze. Then i read in apples website that the HD for the aperture library and vault has to be formatted in HFS+ because of the filenames or something.


So isn’t it possible to have a vault stored in my cloud? And if this about the filenames were true then how come and WD says that we can have a time machine backup to the drive? Wouldn’t the same problem be created with the filenames that are included in the time machine backup? 

Thank you in advance!

The Time Machine backup is a single, compressed sparsebundle. It does not behave the same way as Aperture.


Thank you very much for the reply.

So can i create a sparse bundle image inside the wd my cloud and store the vault there without any problems by using for example a procedure like this:


Creating the sparse bundle

  1. Create the sparse bundle:

5a. Type hdiutil create -size 100g -fs HFS+J -volname “Time Machine” NAME_XXXXXXXXXXXX.sparsebundle and press enter, where NAME is the name of your computer on the network (as determined in step 2c) and XXXXXXXXXX is your MAC address (as determined in step 4a)  without the colons. This will create a 100 gigabyte sparse bundle; to create a sparse bundle of a different size replace 100g with a different value. [show screenshot]

5b. Type rsync -aE NAME_XXXXXXXXXXXX.sparsebundle /Volumes/DRIVE/. and press enter, where DRIVE is the name of your network drive. This will copy the sparse bundle to the network drive, and will take several seconds. [show screenshot]

5c. Type rm -rf NAME_XXXXXXXXXXXX.sparsebundle and press enter. This will delete the copy of the sparse bundle on your computer. You can now close Terminal. [show screenshot]

For WD NAS-specific instructions please visit the following link:



These instructions are for time machine. I dont want to make a time machine backup.