Anywhere Backup - Windows 8

I have been very happy with my WD backup software and external storage.  However, I just bought a new windows 8 laptop.  I went to WD support - downloads - and found the new version of WD Discovery.  It worked fine. I have my share folders mapped and ready to access.  My problem is the AnyWhere Backup software.  I can’t find a Windows 8 version.  The current version is not compatible with Windows 8.   Any suggestions? 


Currently, that backup software is not compatible with windows 8. Now, that software is manufacturer by a company called Mionet.

Check on their site to see if they have a new version for windows 8

Gees, I figured that Windows 8 has been out ong enough that there should be a compatible version.  What are my options?  My WD 1T drive is just sitting there.

Unfortunately Mionet does not have a new version for Windows 8 yet.  Not only that but if you click on the download button, it takes you back to Western Digital site.