Anywhere Backup lost my backup

Recently I have noticed Anywhere Backup isn’t backing up. So I opened it & found that it says I have no backup plan. I do have one on my 1TB My Book. When I try to reactivate it, it says there is no inactive backup plan, but if I try to create a new plan, it says there is one there already. How do I get it to recognize the backup plan & start using it again? Thanks in advance!!!



I’ll suggest you to remove and reinstall the application, if you have any files on the drive try to recover manually, by going into each folder. Then reinstall the application.

I have the same issue as kekoa1969 and it doesn’t matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall Anywhere Backup, it refuses to show any backup plans whatsoever.  And yes, I’ve reactivated the plan after each reinstall (6 times now iirc), the plan will reactivate but nothing will show in the list of active plans.