Anywhere Backup is not working

I get the message that backup is complete, but nothing has been backed up.  I used to get a message saying that XX number of files were ready for backup, but no more.  When I connect my Passport, I get an immediate message that backup is complete, but the recent file changes are not copied. 

The only way I can get a backup is to remove the backup plan and restart it, or to create a new backup plan and then copy everything.  Then the lates file changes will be recorded.  It seems that recent file changes are not being marked as they once were.

Must I re-load the software?

this is a consistant problem and the answer is always the same…no answer!

Is there anything that can be done to fix this so that it’s more reliable???

Does this happen in Mac or Windows?  Are you running the latest version of the software?  You may want to contact our support at