Anyway to get new Grid theme for 2.01.86

Hi all,

I like the new Grid theme in 2.02.32. But I had to downgrade back to 2.01.86 due to issues such as WDTVLive not playing local videos after viewing an online video and random freezes.

Is there a custom Grid (based) theme available for 2.01.86? If not can someone pretty please make one.


K.S. Chahal

The “Grid UI” functionality is built in the Firmware (2.02.32) and is not available on any other firmwares.

It’s not possible to modify or force older firmwares to have the functionality.

The “trigger” to display the “Grid UI” is found in the meta.xml  eg. see below

Older firmware’s ignore this “trigger” as it is not coded into the firmware

?xml version=‘1.0’ encoding=‘UTF-8’?>
 <meta  version=“0.01” service=“wdtv” ptype=“villa” date=“2010/08/01”/>
 <theme id=“0002”>
 <title>PM4 WD</title>
 <screen_shot title=“home” thumbnail=“”></screen_shot> <screen_shot title=“browse”  thumbnail=“”></screen_shot> <author>JoeySymth</author>
 <description>A PM3 HD port to WDTV</description>
 <package_url> </package_url>

The above code is from my Grid UI Modification Theme “PM4 WD”

Thanks for information,  JoeySmyth.

I guess I will just have to wait for WD to release a fix to issues in 2.02.32.