Anyone Using Windows Server? - Domain vs. Workgroup


I’ve looked but don’t see too much about this topic and what little I have found is at least a couple years old.

I’ve been using the WD Live (2 of them) for a few years now, (loving it) but am moving my media files from a PC with Windows 7 to a new/actual server with Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials installed on it, and I’m forced to create a domain rather than use a workgroup.  I’m wondering if anyone has any advise regarding this and if I’ll have any problems connecting and streaming my iso files from the server to my WD Live?  In the setups the WD Live specifically asks for the workgroup, but there’s nothing regarding a domain which concerns me.

I really appriciate any information the community could provide.  Thanks for your time.

The WD TV Live Streaming Media Player does not support domains. It will not be able to interact with your system, or any system outside a common workgroup.

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Ugh, that’s too bad.  Do you have any idea if there are any plans to add that functionality in the future?  There seems to be a lot of power users building home servers with Windows Server Essentials or Linux.

I dumped WDTV a few years ago, so I can’t say for sure.   Roku and Chomecast work great with W2012R2E.

I would look at SMB first.  After that head over to the WGS forums and post your question.   One of their mods, Drashna, is pretty **bleep** smart and maybe able to help you.   WD was never able to gain enough market share to get on anyone’s radar inlcuding MS.

Still don’t see why any home user would need a domain though.

I run a software consulting business from home so I wanted the functionality Server 2012 Essentials can provide that Windows 8 can’t.

Server OS’s and domains can have advantages and disadvantages vs. consumer OS’s and workgroups. This is such a case.

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