Anyone using a "WD TV Live Hub" with the HP Media Vault 5140?

I’ve set up public shares on my HP Media Vault 5140, and can access them via my Win7 & WinXP machines. However, my WD TV Live Hub can’t seem to locate them. Any suggestions/tips? Is it possible to hardcode the share I want it to find (eg, \\share_name) in the Live Hub?

Not possible to hard code the shares.  How are you trying to access the Media Vault, by Media Server or Network Shares? I suggest you to try the access wirth Network Shares.

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Thanks for the response. To answer your question: I was trying to access via Network Shares.

Good news, though: I can now access my share after doing these 2 things:

  1. relocated NAS to the same switch as Live Hub

  2. changed NAS’ workgroup to the same workgroup as Live Hub

  3. rebooted NAS

I suspect that #1 did not contribute to my fix, but I figured I might as well divulge everything I did.

(Also, FWIW: With my NAS at its new location, I seem to be getting better throughput between the NAS and my Win machines. Therefore, I think I may end up keeping the NAS next to my Live Hub. We’ll see.)

Thanks again.