Anyone know the difference between BLUE and BLACK series hard drives?

Which will last longer? Any MTBF data avaialble? Thanks.

From what I feel - Black should last longer (their warranty is also longer).

Not sure, but I have a Blue drive of BPVT series and I have a feeling about it that it may not last long (though this feeling stems not from its immediate performance but from its sounds). If I had known about that earlier I would have bought WD Black drive only (if I would have selected WD brand), even though I have no requirement of high throughput given by those drives. Since they are performance oriented drives they might be having lesser problems related to power saving such as repeated head parking. P.S. These opinions are based on what I am finding elsewhere on web - not from the WD site or WD people, According to WD it seems that the Green drives are power concious drives and Blue are reliability oriented drives. Actually, my earlier blue drive was excellent - it was BEVT series and gave me an impressive life of 5 years plus with moderate use. I mainly use my PC for web surfing / media playback. Even still that drive is excellent - I had to retire it because it is 250 GB only and I need larger drives now.