Anyone know how to monitor/check status in REAL TIME of a "copy in progress" for Copy manager?

I tried doing a Explorer copy from WD drive to a USB drive, kept getting errors, so it’s a pain to come home from work and see the stupid thing waiting for a Retry, Skip or Cancel button response.   So I am trying to use Copy manager to do this but I can’t figure out how to monitor the progress in realtime.   Anyone got a work around ?   BTW, I’m trying to backup approx 750 gigs of data, anyone know how long this will take ?

Anyone know why WD technology didn’t allow PC to WD Mybook USB connection so people could download directly from the PC via USB ?

If you are getting errors doing a copy/paste than something else is going on. I would first try replacing your ethernet cables to see if that clears up the issue. If it doesn’t, back up any data you have on the drive and do a Full Factory Restore. If the drive comes back up and says everything is OK than the issue is most likely on the computer and not the drive. If it either doesn’t complete the restore, or comes back and says theres an issue you would want to replace the drive.