Anyone know how to change the menu icons in Anodized?

Id like to change the video camera icon in Anodized to more of a Movie icon, does anyone know how to change it? Thanks

Which one, the animated one or the one that appears at the top when browsing?

The animated one

you need to have installed PsychoTHCs Graphics Pack, which you probably have, then you need to open animated icon the one you like and copy it, then paste it in folder which you want to change…

You have to go to\Them\Anodized\Image foder and change the “video_icon_000, video_icon_001, etc”.

I have some different Icons to work with the Anodized Theme, see HERE.

You just have to make sure that you change the number of animations in “inc_rv_home_menu_node.xml” to match the number of icons you have for that animation.