Anyone having issues with NAS to USB backups?

I was having serious issues with a My Cloud crashing everytime I attached a My Book to run Safepoints.  WD could never figure it out, so they upgraded me to a My Cloud Mirror.  At first, things seemed better with the Mirror backing up 4 of 5 specified folders; the fifth always failed.  I sent WD my log files but they couldn’t see anything wrong.

Now, when I attach the My Book to the Mirror, the backups try to run (timemachine gets partially done) and then Dashboard stops working (can’t connect error), and the Mirror is no longer visible in Windows Explorer.  WE is also flakey in that after a reboot, the Mirror shows up as a computer, media device, and storage, but once connecting the My Book, it will no longer show up as a computer and eventually, disappear all together.

I know the issues with the My Cloud, USB3 connections, and Safepoint are widespread, but wanted to see if I am alone on the Mirror issues or if I just traded one set of headaches for another.


PS I am working with a level 2 tech already but no solutions.

Hi there, 

I have not tried to do a NAS to USB backup, however recently, I did try a USB to NAS backup and was able to do it with no problems. Do you get any errors when you try to do this backup?

The only error I get is one of the backups says “failed.”  The default configuration for these types of backups is “auto” which means to run the backup as soon as the external drive is connected. Since I have 5 backups, I am hoping that this is just a resource contention issue. To test that, I have turned off the auto feature and will run them one at a time using the manual “start” icon.


I´ve seen your post just now. Could you solve your problem?

I had to find out, that USB-Drives cannot be managed by the MCM any more after a physical loss of the USB-connection without being logically disconnected in the dashboard before. And that can happen by any loss of power.

WD support told me they were working about that problem, but it may take some time. Meanwhile my only choice would be to reformat the USB-HDD.

So, if you can see the Drive as a USB-device in the dashboard, but don´t find it as a share and cannot connect to it on your network via MCM, please tell to the WD Support. Maybe that could increase there efforts to manage that problem.



Well, I haven’t really fixed the issue but doing the following has made the system much more stable.

  1. Change the auto-backup setting to off.

  2. Only attach the HDD when I want to do a backup

  3. When hitting the start icon for any backup, be very patient as there can be a significant delay before Dashboard responds.

  4. When done with backups, disconnect the HDD from Dashboard and then physically disconnect from MCM.

This was made the system reliable, but I still cannot backup one of the shares.  The only thing unique about that share is that the original data source was an AirBook. But the actual transfer to the MCM was from an intermediate HDD that also had the contents of all the other shares. So, there must be something in that share that the backup firmware doesn’t like.  I have reported all this to my Level 2 contact but haven’t heard anything back in a few weeks.

Thanks for your answer,

Your advices are identical to my experiences. Loss of power or connection to the USB-Drive can cause bad desaster, even when the USB-Drive is in sleep mode, when it happens. At that point improvement of stability is urgently neccessery. Even if I reduce the time of USB connections to the times of planned backups, nobody can garantuee, that there be no loss of power. Maybe fault-current circuit breaker reacts, because my grandma´s electric water  cooker is a liittle leaky…

About your problem with one special share I don´t have any idea. Sorry. I hope somebody else can give you an advice.