Anyone have these yet?

I bought a pair of  WD5000KSRTL Caviar Blue 500 GB drives at Fry’s the other day, for use in a RAID-1 array.  When I opened each box, surprise.  According to the label on each drive they are actually Caviar Black model   WD5002AAEX   drives with a 64 megabyte cache.   These are nowhere to be found anywhere on WD’s main site or the store or anywhere else I looked.

A few other people have evidently noticed this according to Google searches for the model number.  They most definitely are NOT Caviar Blue models as the access time of just under 12 ms easily proves.  Upon registering them, however, it gave them a 1 year warranty as opposed to the Black’s traditional warranty.  Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this and/or if  WD is aware of it, and when will this model be added to the main site’s product listings??