Anyone has these problems on WD TV Live Plus box?

I have a 2 TB hard drive from Maxtor hooked up to this WD box using a USB cable.  I notice 2 problems with my WD box:

1) There’s an MKV movie file that the WD TV box won’t open up, but I can watch it fine on my PC using VLC.  But I can open up other MKV files using this same WD TV box.

  1. Whenever I have a movie file that the WD TV box can’t open, all subsequent files will not open up either.  But these subsequent files used to be able to be viewed before.  So I reboot the WD TV box, and those subsequent files will then view OK.

Are these bugs on WD TV Live Plus, or is there a way to fix these 2 issues?  Thanks.

What firmware are you using?

You are probably suffering from the mkv ‘header compression’ problem.

You can either re-mux the file or update to the latest firmware.

see here - 4H and 4I