Anyone else with Playon issues after newest fw update?

I have the latest version of Playon but once I installed the latest  3.0.1 update I can no longer use it.  Youtube spins as does hulu, Revision 3 etc. Why oh why is every WD firmware update a crapshoot?

3.0.1 definitely isn’t the latest update…   I’m running PlayOn version, and it’s still working fine for me…

3.0.1 is the latest WD update.  I also have the latest Playon update.

3.1.19 is the latest WD update.

my bad.  your right.  just frustrated again.   Everything is updated (playon and hub) but for some reason once I attempt to use Playon and then go back to try and watch movies on the drive on the hub, some of those movies will not play unless I completly power down the hub then restart.   so weird.

I’ve run into that a couple times. When you come back from using PlayOn it’s like the hub doesn’t recognize the file type or something. Power down and back up and it’s fine. I don’t THINK it’s PlayOn as it doesn’t seem to bother my WD Live Plus or the Toshiba Thrive’s media player…

you mean the issue might be because of  the world famous WD Live Hub firmware updates?

Now there’s a shocker!  :dizzy_face: