Anyone Else Noticed Drop in Quality of G-Tech Products?

Been a loyal user of G-Technology products for the last 10 years. In my experience as a professional editor, they’re the most reliable, longest lasting drives on the market. However, I’ve been in need of expanding my storage, and finally made the jump to the Shuttle XL. The experience was horrible. 3 of the 8 drives were dead on arrival, and beyond that I was baffled at how little support there was for the product. No manual at all, and the only thing I could find online was for older models. After 2 days wasted, trying to troubleshoot with tech-support, I gave up and sent the whole thing back. On top of that, G-Tech wouldn’t even arrange a pickup, for their faulty product.

Been looking for other options for large amounts of storage, and everything I read in the reviews for G-RAID products 10 TB and up, are garbage. Everyone reporting of drives arriving dead, or with bad sectors, or unmounting. I’m curious if this has to do with the fact that recently they merged with WD – which has always put out an inferior hard drive, in my opinion.

Has anyone else experienced this drop in quality with G-Tech? Any suggestions for a better solution for 10 TB and up storage?

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