Anyone else having video output format detection problems?

I posted a request to examine this issue here, but after two months and no updates, I’m getting very skeptical about WD actually addressing the issue.

My original post goes into some detail, but to make a long story short my WD TV Live SMP gen 3 completely screws up video output format detection in every single case save one.  To the point where it actually DOWNSCALES 1080p HDX videos from Vudu to 720p before sending it to my 1080p display.

Nice.  Really nice.

Has anyone else had this issue?  Any tips on resolving it?  Is it perhaps something confined to my particular hardware setup?  I’m getting really tired of having to manually set the output format for each different video I watch.

Thanks all!

i can test this eventually if you tell me how.

this vudu is…? an service from the player or?

else can you link me to trailer or demo to try to play it?

Hi Zebra -

Thanks for the prompt reply.  The post of mine that I linked to (link is again here) gives a lot of details as to how the issue manifests and when.

I’m referring to the Vudu video delivery service available on the gen 3 SMP.  Basically, you can use ANY Vudu HDX quality video (they are sent as 1080/24p streams) to test this with.  Same goes for any major motion picture available in HD on netlfix.



I’ve read this but i’m not sure if i understand it properly.

I also already noticed that if i leave it to auto it goes to 720p by default.

And i simple get rid of auto, and config manually to 1080p with 60Hz.

Why you don’t do this too? what’s the problem? looks like i missing something

Yes, you are missing something.  While 1080p would be the correct resolution for my display, 60 hz is NOT the correct frame rate in many situations.  About half the content I watch is 24p, and should play out at 24 hz.

Instead, setting the WDTV to auto results in an output of 720p for most content save for 24p video files.  1080/24p streams from services like Vudu show at 720p60.  That is completely incorrect.

Aha, so at auto it should auto detect the content and to set to it? 

for resolution probably should be detected, but will be able to detect the correct Hz too?

I’ve tested some movies at 24p, but somehow they become too slow and laggy,

looks like they wwasn’t for 24p?

I believe his complaint is what you just stated…That the “Auto” for hdmi is not working properly.

He watches a mix of 24/30/60 hz material and he does not want to change the resolution manually for each file.

I only have a 720P/1080i TV so I can’t test this but maybe someone else can confirm and go to the link andrewa posted above to vote for the issue.

If it works properly for others, it could be that the this particular TV is not advertising support properly to the WDTV.

@ andrewa 

what is the model of your TV used?

Exactly right, Vango, thank you.

Zebra, my TV is an LG-37LK450, as stated in the post I linked to.  (Did you read it, btw?)

Oki, yes i 've read it but seems overlooked some stuffs.

So at Auto its defaulted for me at 720p,

does this mean that the auto function will not work for movies content too?

If so can you link me to 24p movie to test it? will setup HDMI to Auto 1st

Also how do i know if the movie content  is 24p or something else?

This is a problem with most LG TVs, and several others. LG TVs report their resolution in such a way that the WD believes the correct resolution to be 720p. There are NUMEROUS threads about this in every WDTV model forum.

Really?  Numerous threads?  I wasn’t able to find any, but then again this sort of issue is described many ways and can be difficult to search from.

If that’s the case, does WDTV plan on issuing a fix?  After all, it’s not as if LG is a small fries manufacturer.  Their sets and their panels make up a huge portion of all TV sales.

Use the search terms “hdmi wrong resolution” and you’ll see at least a dozen. Yes, I do think that WD is still working to fix it. Only time will tell.

Got it.  Thanks for the helpful information.