Anyone Else having Chrome Problems with "Shift + A"?

I just discovered this today, but it’s being talked about on the net for the last few months.

any time I try to type a Capital a, it does a Select all and then the next letter deletes everything.

It’s happening on all of my computers, so I know it’s not a specific installation issue.

In this forum, it ONLY affects typing in the RICH-TEXT box.  It doesn’t affect HTML box, or the Subject box, or anything else I’m finding.

aNNOYING!  (See?  I can’t even type aNNOYING correctly. :slight_smile:  )

as often as sentences begin with a’s, I can’t believe this is as old as May and just now me noticing it…

I have the same problem.

I’m having the same issue, as well.  I’ve reported this to Lithium.


What versions are you guys using?

I’m using chrome 20 and windows 7.

This is known bug in the recent Lithium update.  They’re looking to have it fixed sometime next week.

I hope they get to this very quickly…  It’s insanely annoying…

I don’t doubt it.  :cry:

AAAAAAAAA.  Well, it looks like it has been fixed.  Sorry for the inconvenience, guys.


Thanks, Bill!