Anybody knows how to store Mac Photos on My Cloud Home Duo?

Hi all!
I have a new Mac Book Pro with High Sierre 10.13.6. I make my Time Machine backup on my new My Cloud Home Duo and that works fine. Also backuped a couple of folders from Finder and thats work very well also. So now I can read my excel and word files in my phone!
BUT I would like to copy my photos from Photos on the Mac to My Cloud Home Duo.
I tried to click on the Photo-library and “syncronize to My Cloud Home Duo” and it worked for a long time before completed. When I now look at my pictures/photos on the My Cloud-unit its stored there alright but down in subfolders with names that you don’t follow. Not at all that nice like in Photos with folders/albums I have made with actual date and subject. In the shape with all subfolders there is no use to share them with other family members.
Can anybody help me out to make my transfer to the My Cloud work ok?

Thanks in advance!

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My Cloud Home sync or backed up photos as per the date & time when the sync operation starts. You can sort the data stored on My Cloud Home from Also there are some files which does not have EXIF details, would be not sorted. You can have a look on below links for further details:

thanks for the response asp73!

Though for an amateur it seems a little bit too complicated! And now I tried to look into the syncronized Photo-library on the Home Duo I can’t really get into the folder structure. When I click on the photo-library at the Home Duo it opens Photos and ask if I like to change library (from the one on the laptop I guess).
So I think I end up with creating a manual, similar to the one on the laptop, folder structure with date and topic-name to make it easy to search among all the photos that are constantly growing. And also a bit more user-friendly for family to access.

Very nice to be on the Community and have a possibility to exchange experience in this way!
Thanks again!


Hi Thomas, am having the same issues, where you able to solve this? I tried copying the Photo library file to the WD Mycloud home and with command-option button pressed down linked this new library to the Photo app, but without succes.
thanks in advance, Peter