Anybody has any WMV alternative


So far WD TV Live has OK with different file formats and audio/video control. But I see that when it comes to playback of WMV files ( mostly vacked up and Internet download ) it fails most of them.I dont know the cover on the Box advertises lot of formats including wmv. Now what do I do. Anybody know of any program that converts an exact copy from WMV to MKV / MP4 keeping the bitrate / framerate unchanged. I dont mind if there is a increase in size also.But they should look good. I have some 576p Wmv videos with high bitrate .I want to watch them as it is

Any leads anyone



If the video stream itself is unsupported, then putting the same stream in another container, whether .avi or .mkv, will still be unsupported.

Using a different stream codec won’t have the same bitrate, even with identical quality.

Your best bet is to just use Handbrake and the “High Profile” setting, to convert the files into high-quality .mkv files.