Anybody else got a sloppy USB-A connector on their USB3 provided cable for My Passport 2 TB?

Does anyone else have a cable that’s so sloppy that you can’t move your My Passport drive, or their laptop, when they are connected. It’s the USB-A end that’s bad.

No, it’s not the female connector, and No the cable connector isn’t damaged. It’s a poorly made connector on the cable. 

Contact WD they’ll probably send you a new one if the drive is in warranty. They did have some bad cables a while ago.



If they really did know they had some bad cables, I wonder why wouldn’t they have replaced them? They only cost a buck!  

Perhaps they (arrogantly?) assume that my time as a customer, plus the money I’ve already paid to purchase what I was lead to believe was a functioning product, was worth less than the buck it would cost them to be proactive.

They probably buy from a bunch of different vendors. I would avoid using the drive until I got another cable to avoid possible corruption and data loss.


Thanks anyway, Joe.

I’m going to guess that you’re a well-meaning non-WDC-employee, right?

I think you missed the point, entirely.

I applaud your interest and involvement, but we’re now way off-topic. Your kind expressions of help, and your advice are just opinions. I was way ahead of you before I posed the original question. Thanks for your time, your replies, and your interest. I don’t mean to be rude, but our exchange of opinions just wastes our time. I was looking for facts and information. Lets just close this section of the conversation. Your intentions are appreciated.

Make it a great day!